Golden Jewel Bracelet

The Sea Glass: This beautiful bracelet features a lovely piece of well-conditioned, golden yellow sea glass piece that was found along a remote, rocky Pacific Ocean shore. It has been naturally tumbling into the smooth jewel that you see here. The sea glass measures right at 5/8" long.

The Jewelry: The piece has been set into an opened-back, sterling silver setting that has strongly soldered, sterling silver side rings. We have attached it with strong jeweler's wire around a 7.75" black, leather bracelet strap. The leather is connected to a sterling silver split ring and a sterling lobster clasp closure.

The bracelet will arrive in a cotton-lined gift box with a card that tells the short story of sea glass and the name of the ocean where your pieces were found.

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SKU: BB13 - $78
Price: $78.00