Rich Golden Yellow

These rich and rare yellow sea glass earrings are for the true beach glass enthusiast. These pieces were beach combed from England's North Sea shores separately and matched together in our studio.

The 1/2" wide, yellow discs are threaded onto handmade sterling silver twists, and stacked atop sterling silver beads. They hang gracefully from sterling silver, hook earwires.

They will arrive in a cotton lined gift box with a card that tells the short story of sea glass and the name of the ocean where your pieces were found.

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SKU: ED8 - $39
Price: $39.00
Rich & Rare Yellow Sea Glass Earrings. For the true beach glass enthusiast. Accompanied by fine sterling silver beads & earwires.West Coast Sea Glass
These golden baubles have tumbled in the North Sea for decades to achieve these smooth, well conditioned shapes.