Soft Blue Mermaid Tears

These baby blue sea glass pieces were found separately on Pacific Ocean beaches and likely originate from historic medicine bottle glass. We have paired them in our studio and carefully drilled a hole through the top edge. The cornflower blue baubles measure just over 1/2" long.

The sterling silver "mermaid tear" shaped bails fit securely through the hole and hang from sterling silver hook ear wires. The result is a classic style earring that dangles sweetly and shows off the sea glass while maintaining a conservative size.

Your jewelry will come in a cotton lined gift box with a display card that tells the short story of sea glass and the name of the ocean your pieces were picked up from.

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Price: $34.00
Blue Sea Glass, Seaglass Earrings, Pacific Ocean sea glass in sterling silver earrings, West Coast Sea Glass, Jewelry
Two soft blue sea glass triangles were found separately from two different Pacific coast beaches. On sterling silver "mermaid tear" pin bails and sterling silver earwires.