Blue Tidepool "Swingers"

These scrumptious pieces with blue layers  were found along England's North Sea. They are each a little over 5/8" long. One includes layers of cobalt and aqua blue, the other layers of cobalt and cornflower blues. They are a unique, mismatched, matching set.

The sea glass originates from historic glass that had multiple colors mixed together in the molten, manufacturing stage. The rare, multicolored chunks were later discarded into the sea to be naturally tumbled smooth.
Each gem is finely drilled from side to side and securely held with a handsome, sterling silver pinch bail that fits through the drilled channel. The bail allows the sea glass to playfully swing slightly forward and back. The earrings dangle a total of 1 & 3/8" from your piercing. They hang on sterling silver hoop hook ear wires.
Your earrings will arrive in a cotton lined gift box with a card which tells the short story of sea glass and the name of the ocean your pieces were beachcombed from.

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