Hammered Baby Blues

These gorgeous sea glass pieces with rich, royal blue coloring were found separately along Pacific Coast shores. The sea glass pieces each measure about 1/2" in height. They are in smooth condition and make a nice square shaped match.

We have set the baubles in fine silver, then strongly soldered them to sterling silver backplates and hoop ear wires. The earrings will hang 1.5" below your piercings.

Your jewelry will arrive in a cotton lined gift box with a card which tells the short story of sea glass and the name of the ocean where your pieces were beachcombed.

Glass Color: 


SKU: EB24 - $138
Price: $138.00
Blue Sea Glass Earrings, Blue Seaglass, Jewelry, Cornflower Blue Beach Glass
Oooh, these soft blue, squarish sea glass pieces are each one of a kind, but they match nicely. Pacific Ocean tumbled.