Rare Red Cufflinks

Each piece of 1/2" long sea glass piece is nestled inside a heavy sterling silver cufflink. Each is hand made and features Pacific Ocean found, rare red seaglass baubles.  Red sea glass is quite rare due to the expense of creating red glassware historically which limited production.  And to find two that are similar in shape, size and shade is highly unique!

These pieces likely originate from antique signal lantern or lens glass. Your cufflinks will arrive in a cotton lined gift box and on a card that tells the short story of sea glass and names the ocean your piece was beachcombed from

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SKU: FHC5 - $198
Price: $198.00
Rare Red Sea Glass, Cufflinks, Cuff Links, Jewelry for Him, Seaglass
Rarest red sea glass from the mighty Pacific was beachcombed, then sturdily set in these heavy, sterling silver cufflinks.