Cobalt Blue Tie Bar

A piece of cobalt blue sea glass measures just over 1cm long. It has been securely set into a fine silver bezel. The rare cobalt blue sea glass piece was found by us from along a rugged Pacific shoreline. It likely originates from a historic medicine or pharmaceutical bottle.
The sterling silver tie bar is 52mm long or 2.05", which is perfect for a regular tie of about 3.25" wide.
Your piece will arrive in a cotton-lined gift box, on a card that tells the short story of sea glass and names the ocean where the sea glass was beachcombed.

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SKU: TB4 - $69
Price: $69.00
Sleek Cobalt Tie Bar. Made with cobalt blue sea glass & sterling silver. Order: 360-461-9560., West Coast Sea Glass
Cobalt blue sea glass often originates from old medicine bottles.