Rare Red Tie Tack

For the ocean loving, well dressed gentleman in your life! This very rare, red sea glass nugget was found along the rugged Pacific. It has been tumbling for decades. 

It is carefully and securely affixed to this handsome, polished brass clutch back tie tack. The sea glass piece measures about 1cm wide and the Tbar on the tie tack measures 1" long.  This makes a highly romantic gift!

Your jewelry will arrive gift boxed and on a card that tells the short story of sea glass and names the ocean that your piece was found along.

Glass Color: 

SKU: TT2 - $98
Price: $98.00
Rare Red Sea Glass Tie Tack. Made with real sea glass & love. Great for any beach groom's wedding. 360.461.9560.
A rare, red chunk of sea glass is mounted on this handsome, brass tie tack