Rare Red Sea Glass Teardrop Set

This bold and beautiful, rare red sea glass jewelry set is striking! The pieces featured here are all naturally shaped by the Pacific Ocean. They were each found by hand on separate hikes, on separate beaches. But we have joined them together into this wildly romantic, very nostalgic set.

The pieces likely originate from decades old or even 100 year old glass. Reds like this are often traced back to early 1900's glass lanterns, lighting glass and lenses. The earrings: The pieces each measure right at 1/2" tall each. They are set by us into fine silver bezels that are soldered onto hammered, sterling silver. teardrop shaped dangles that measure slightly over 5/8" tall. They hang from highest quality, sterling silver French earwires. The necklace: The pendant sea glass measures a large (for red) .75" tall. It is artisan set into a fine silver bezel and hand soldered to a beautiful, hammered, sterling silver teardrop that measures 1.75" tall which includes the hand soldered, sterling silver "V" slide bail at the top. It hangs from sterling silver snake chain in the length of your choice.

Your jewelry will arrive in cotton lined gift boxes with cards which tell the short story of sea glass and the name of the ocean where your pieces were found.

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Price: $238.00