Bouquet of Colors

This unique three-piece sea glass trio features the smoothest, most pristine pieces in our collection from Pacific coast shores. These extra special gems have been specially chosen for this unique necklace. 
At the top is an aqua blue egg followed by a very rare, soft pink oval. The bottom piece of the pendant is a vibrant limey green UV piece. All three are set in fine silver bezels. The last piece glows under black light due to the trace amounts of uranium dioxide content in the vintage piece.
We have artisan crafted each into this 2 3/8" long pendant using fine silver to bezel set each beach gem. The back plate and slide bail are made of high-quality sterling silver. The necklace hangs on a sterling silver chain in your choice of length.
Your necklace will arrive in a cotton lined gift box with a card which tells the short story of sea glass and the name of the ocean where your pieces were found.

Glass Color: 


SKU: NMP17 - $166
Price: $166.00