The Stacked Rainbow

This beautiful sea glass necklace features some of our most rarely found colors, in a rainbow stack. Orange, red, and yellow are our "Top 3" rare sea glass colors, as they were not as mass produced as more common colors such as white, brown, and green, making them much more difficult to find.

This lineup also includes a limey emerald green, cornflower and cobalt blues, and a soft violet. Each piece has been finely drilled through the center, threaded securely with a sterling silver wire, and placed in the sterling silver frame. The sea glass pieces in this necklace have been found on Pacific Ocean shores.

The sea glass pieces are each approximately 3/8" wide, and the total length of the pendant is just over 1.5 inches. You may choose the length of the sterling silver chain, included, below.

Your necklace will arrive gift boxed and with a card which tells the story of sea glass and the name of the ocean from which your pieces were found along.

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Price: $262.00
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A beautiful sterling silver frame is filled with a rainbow of rare sea glass!