Glorious Amethyst & Magenta Layers

This beautiful piece of genuine sea glass is a one of a kind gem tumbled naturally by England's North Sea until smooth and frosty. The rare piece shows gorgeous layers of deep amethyst purple and bright magenta across a frosty white background. It is a truly unique treasure.
The sea glass gem measures 5/8" x 5/8" in a thick, rounded shape. The swirled look originates from multiple colors of glass that were mixed together when in the molten stage. Whether the original glass was created as an artistic piece or was from an industrial bottle-works site,  it has resulted in a multi-hued chunk that was discarded into the sea. The piece spent many decades thereafter in the surf being shaped and conditioned.
We have secured the jewel using a sterling silver cinch band that fully encircles the piece. The open-backed design allows light through the glass so the many layers of color can be fully seen when held to the light. The total pendant length is 1 inch tall. It hangs on a sterling silver chain in your choice of length.
Your necklace will arrive in a cotton-lined gift box with a card that tells the short story of sea glass and the name of the ocean where your piece was found.

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