Bodacious, Large Pink

This once in a lifetime find was beachcombed from a rugged, rocky Pacific coast shoreline. It has been tumbling naturally for decades and it is smooth, well frosted and well conditioned by nature's time, tide and shore.

This very unusual color is commonly associated with Depression Glass dishes or carafes etc. But the 1/2" thickness of this piece makes it an anomoly.

We've saved it for years, then have artisan set into a fine silver, .999 bezel and soldered to a substantial hand cut, forged and polished 1 & 5/8", sterling silver backplate. The piece is 1 & 1/8" at its widest point. It hangs from a sterling silver jump ring and slider bail. Length = 1.75" total

Glass Color: 

SKU: NB58 - $160
Price: $160.00