Thick, Glowing UV Oval

This fabulously smooth, thick UV sea glass piece glows brightly under a black light. The rare piece was once part of a beautiful, early 1900's "Vaseline Glass" tableware piece that was found years ago after decades of tumbling along a Pacific shore. The color which was created with trace amounts of Uranium Dioxide shows in natural light (photo #1) as a vibrant, key-lime color. When held to a black light (lower photo) the piece glows VERY brightly.

The pendant was hand created, cut, polished and burnished in fine and sterling silver with a sterling slide bail. Total length is 1.25" and it will arrive on a sterling silver snake chain.

Your necklace will arrive in a cotton lined gift box and on a card telling the short story of sea glass and the name of the ocean your piece was beachcombed from.

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Price: $162.00