English Magenta Swirl

A fabulously colored, cranberry and pink teardrop of sea glass was beach combed from a rocky shore along England's North Sea. This rare color swirling occurred when multiple colors of glass were combined while the original piece was still in the molten stage while in production. The piece was discarded into the sea and has naturally tumbled for decades, possibly over 100 years.

The sea glass is just slightly under 1.5cm long x about 1cm wide. It is set in a fine silver bezel and artisan soldered to a handmade, 1/2" wide, hand hammered and shaped comfort band. backplate measures just over 1".

The ring will fit a size 9 and we can stretch it up to a 9.5 if needed, upon request. The surface of the sea glass is naturally frosty and with inclusions and striations from decades of natural tumbling.

Your ring will arrive in a cotton-lined gift box, accompanied by a card that tells the short story of sea glass and names the ocean where your piece of glass was beachcombed.

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SKU: R36 - $198
Price: $198.00