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New York Times "From Junk to Collectible, Shaped by Time and Tide"

OCEAN GEMS A judge used a flashlight to examine shards at the North American Sea Glass Festival.

   HYANNIS, Mass. — Laura McHenry started walking Cape Cod beaches searching for sea glass a few years ago, when her marriage was breaking up and she was looking for something she and her daughter Katie, could do together for fun. “Sometimes we’ll just sit on the rocks and just comb through,” said Ms. McHenry, who lives in Centerville, Mass., as Katie, 10, displayed her finds nearby. “It’s a great place to talk.”...

Peninsula Daily News - "Seeing Through Glass Eyes"

Peninsula Daily News, Sea Glass, Seaglass

Sequim – When Mary Beth and Todd Beuke walk on the beach, they don’t gaze much at the sea or into each other’s eyes.  It’s not that romantic,” said Mary Beth.  No, it’s a competition, a hunt, a stooped-over scrutiny of the sand.  These beach walks have built West Coast Sea Glass, Mary Beth’s booming business based in Sequim.  She walks and kayaks to fertile gathering spots around the peninsula, and she pays other beachcombers from Alaska to Mexico for their finds....

Living on the Peninsula - "Sea Glass Colors Her Life"

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Glass so malleable before it hardens, stubbornly resists transformation left on its own.  But behold the power of the sea to tumble and abrade this usually unyielding substance.  The ocean’s awesome ability to create gems for the gathering isn’t what first drew Mary Beth Beuke as a child to scouring the shoreline for bits of colored sea glass, but today it’s what keeps her beachcombing for miles at dawn or at dusk with hawk-like vision....