Seattle's "Evening Magazine"

February 25, 2014 -

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Seattle's Evening Magazine film crew spent a day of sea glass collecting on a beautiful, Pacific Northwest beach with the team from West Coast Sea Glass.  The show was filmed  in late September, 2014.  

WCSG staff Lindsay, Teresa and Mary Beth trekked with the shows film team, host and producers in search of sea glass.  MB and Lindsay shared their insights and experience of being life long collectors and identified their finds of the day.

evening magazine sea glass, seaglass, tv show sea glass, beachglassThen the crew spent the afternoon in the studio viewing the more treasured rare and unique pieces in West Coast Sea Glass' older collection as well as filming the artists while they created their high end sea glass jewelry. 

MB's new book "The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass" was also highlighted on the show.  More details about the show will be added here soon.

The show aired in mid October, 2014. "Evening Magazine - Sea Glass Story"