Sea Glass From Around the World

Sea Glass from Greece, Where to Find Sea Glass, Good Seaglass Locations

GREECE: The West Coast Sea Glass collection is a world wide collection of sea glass!  And though some sea glass today can still be found along many shores around the globe, it is getting more difficult to find.  This sea glass page is dedicated to the beautiful specimens of sea glass that we (and others) have found from beaches all over the world.  Our display is featured in museums, libraries and lectures often and here we have photographed and described some of our most interesting finds.  

A couple years ago we traveled to the Greek islands of Santorini,  Paros,  Naxos and the Athens mainland. There we picked up a few beautiful pieces. Glass blowing began in Syria, far north of Greece near the first century BC. Most Greek glass is likely to be much older than the sea glass found in the US mainly because glass blowing has been practiced there longer than it has in more modern countries like the US.  Our collection includes some art glass pieces, bottle glass rims, rare reds and more.