HGTV - "Bath Crashers" Show

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HGTV's "Bath Crashers" contacted West Coast Sea Glass to help with a shower tiling project using aqua blue sea glass.

The show's decorators worked with WCSG to design, measure and provide aqua blue and deep teal sea glass pieces for insetting into a shower tile redo.  The home owners loved the beachy touches, rustic barnwood and real sea glass inlays set into the shower's white walls.  The sea glass, purchased in bulk lots added a splash of aqua blue and deep teal to the project....

New York Times "From Junk to Collectible, Shaped by Time and Tide"

OCEAN GEMS A judge used a flashlight to examine shards at the North American Sea Glass Festival.

   HYANNIS, Mass. — Laura McHenry started walking Cape Cod beaches searching for sea glass a few years ago, when her marriage was breaking up and she was looking for something she and her daughter Katie, could do together for fun. “Sometimes we’ll just sit on the rocks and just comb through,” said Ms. McHenry, who lives in Centerville, Mass., as Katie, 10, displayed her finds nearby. “It’s a great place to talk.”...