SeaGlass Color Rarity

Sea glass desirability and rarity is most often all about color. We've studied tens of thousands of pieces, collaborated with sea glass experts and spent some serious years hunting the globe on our own to develop this beach glass color chart. Collectors all over the world use it as a resource. It reads from left to right, top to bottom.
Though much about color rarity is regionally influenced, so where one is collecting has a vast impact on what colors one might find. In general, orange is extremely rare & white seems to be most common worldwide.
Please note: The "multi colored" sea glass is not most common (white is).  The "Multi colored" category is simply added it to the bottom of the chart because it is it's own unique category. This chart will help sea glass jewelry consumers to find jewelry by color. 
This beautiful, color rarity chart was created by the collectors and artists at West Coast Sea Glass after years of sea glass study and experience. Copyright: West Coast Sea Glass. It is available for purchase HERE  and the poster size, signed print is HERE