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Do You Buy Sea Glass, Selling My SeaglassWe really do hunt for our sea glass ourselves. After decades of experience we've found that though there is still a concentration of rough-edged brown, white and green out there, very little quality & other color is available.

We don't usually buy but occasionally there may be collectors out there with a few smooth pieces in rare colors.  Therefore we are only interested in the following with no chips or cracks:  Turquoise blue, red, orange, yellow, & pink. Need help with color? Click here. Please email a photo of your pieces in natural light, w/coin in the photo (for sizing reference) to:
We will happily make an offer.

Full Question: Can I ship my sea glass to you so that you can put it into a piece of jewelry?

Yes, we do it all the time for folk's special pieces.

  1. Please surf around our website to see what you'd like, keeping in mind the size, shape, thickness etc of your piece and what setting it might work best in.

       2. Then just send an email w/your specifications & we'll quote price & timeline.
3. When you're ready, please ship your piece along with your return contact information to:

               West Coast Sea Glass

               1192   3-Crabs Rd.

               Sequim, WA 98382

      4. When your item(s) are received by us we'll contact you to finalize details payment.

Please feel free to call 360.461.9560 if you've got any questions

Full Question: Please click on "Stores" below to link to our Stores page for a complete list of retailers where West Coast Sea Glass is available. We also set up our "beach in a booth" at several events like festivals and markets.

Please visit our Stores page for our retail locations.


Full Question: Factors for a good hunt are: tide, location, shore terrain & providence.

Emerald green, Hapuna, Hawaii (c) Mary Beth Beuke - Pacific Ocean

We get emails almost daily asking "Where can I find sea glass?" and though we wish time would allow us to answer each email, we can say that "contemporary" sea glass can be found on most every shore in the world; Hawaii, California, Florida, England, the Caribbean, Atlantic and even the Great Lakes.

Factors for a good hunt are: tide, location, shore terrain & providence.

100% of our sea glass is hand picked by us and a couple of friends. We've covered countless beach miles by foot and kayak, mostly along the rugged Pacific. Most collections are gathered piece by piece from many shores over a lifetime. We highly respect the discovery and solitude of the adventure.

For many, sea glass hunting is a challenge that's defined over many combined seasons and years. Therefore, refining the searching experience itself is part of the allure, the mystery and the journey for each individual seeker.

Sea glass hunting can be relaxing or quite adventuresome depending on the season of the year, the terrain and an area's history.

Because of our vast knowledge, we make a point of staying sensitive to local communities, private properties & shore preservation. For tips on hunting & identification, see The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass.

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• Basic Shipping: In the US is just $2.95 via First Class USPS for the first item. Packages should arrive in 5-7 business days.  International is $5.

• Expedited, Priority Shipping: Should arrive in 4 days in the US and costs $6.95. These options can be chosen at checkout or by phoning the studio, weekdays PST 9am-4pm for quick, personal service.

• Express, Next Day: in the US is $24 and can be chosen at checkout.

• Other Shipping: Please phone 360.461.9560
• Returns and Refunds in full within 45 days.
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• Identifying Your Sea Glass:  We've grown so much that unfortunately we're no longer  able to answer each email about identifying sea glass pieces. However, you're warmlly invited to enjoy The Sea Glass Blog Here or join the Sea Glass Assoc.'s "Collector Community Here".

• Studio: 360.461.9560 Pacific Time 9-4pm
• Wholesale Inquiries:  Click here
• Mail only: 1192 Three Crabs Rd.  Sequim, WA 98382
• Email:
• Selling Your Sea Glass:  Click here

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We often get requests on how to drill glass. Time and cost no longer allow us to answer all emails or tutor on drilling. But the process takes patience & experience. We use a custom machine set up just for our studio, drilling with precision and very little breakage.

drilling sea glass, How to Drill Sea Glass, Sea Glass for Sale, Drilling Beach Glass, Seaglass with Holes

We offer pre-drilled pieces for purchase & we're also happy to drill your collected pieces that you have of your own glass. Pricing starts at a 25 piece minimum and drilling is $1.50 per hole. We ask that your pieces be no thicker than 1/4". Please call 360.461.9560 to place an order.


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The naturally frosted surface of sea glass tells us that the piece has been on a journey at sea. Therefore, none of our sea glass has ever been machine tumbled, chemically treated or manually conditioned. Doing any of the above is considered a detraction from its history and value.

What is Genuine Sea Glass, Ocean Tumbled Seaglass, Real vs Artificial Sea GlassOur sea glass is 100% naturally tumbled by the repetitive movement of tide, sand, wind and water over decades of being exposed to the elements. It is picked up from the shore, washed off with warm water and made into your special jewelry.

We take much pride in our hand picked, beachcomed sea glass.

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West Coast Sea Glass currently sells in over 40 galleries, shops & shows around the US, Europe, Australia, Canada & Caribbean. Because we care enough not to saturate your area, we now must be somewhat particular about where we sell.

This website is our wholesale catalog. Buyers may simply draft an email order referring to item numbers right from our website's Sea Glass Jewelry pages.  A 15 item minimum for wholesale orders please. Allow 2 - 3 weeks for us to process, make and ship. All payment forms accepted.

If you're interested in being mailed a colorful brochure about our company, feel free to contact us.
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Full Question: Perhaps you'd like sea glass from your own collection made into an heirloom piece. Feel free to phone in a special order request: 360.461.9650 Pacific Time Zone, Weekdays 9am-5pm

West Coast Sea Glass loves to make the perfect piece for you.  Much of the jewelry we make comes in the form of special orders. We are also able to make a special jewelry creation with your very own sea glass.

Perhaps you're seeing a color you like but would prefer it in a different setting. There are over 500 different items on this site to give you ideas so the possibilities are endless.  Please let us know what you've got in mind or visit our jewelry gallery to generate ideas then email us your specifications.

You may check out our jewelry gallery to generate some ideas for your special piece. Then email us with you color, size and shape specifications. We'll quote you a price & time frame w/in 24 hours.



separatepieces.jpg    finishedring.jpg

Please view our jewelry gallery to generate ideas then email us your specifications.


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  • We are unique at West Coast Sea Glass!  We go out of our way to keep track of what beach we find each piece on, enabling us to tell a bit of each gem's story & journey.
  • We are also unique because we are serious sea glass hunters and trained jewelry artists.  This gives us a special level of knowledge and experience plus a one of a kind, hand picked collection.
  • With two lifetimes of serious hunting & perfecting the delicate art & science of beach combing, we offer a high quality array of sea glass in every color.
  • We are genuine people, less interested in creating notoriety for ourselves than we are about happy customers with whom we share our sea glass passion.

NW sea glass makes a difference.  Our tides and currents can move dramatically along our rough and rocky beaches over a day's time.  Those factors and the Pacific's acidity combine together to create our high quality beach glass.  Photo (c) Beuke

  • NW sea glass makes a difference.  Our tides and currents can move dramatically along our rough and rocky beaches over a day's time.  Those factors and the Pacific's acidity combine together to create our high quality beach glass.  Photo © Beuke