Lindsay Furber

Lindsay Furber is a trained metalsmith and avid beach wanderer and photographer.Lindsay was raised in the Pacific Northwest, living near the water most of her life.  She's always been inspired by the ocean and the treasures it can bring to the shoreline.  The allure and hope of finding sea glass began consuming her beach walks at a young age and now her collection is unequaled.

Trained in metal & silver work, Lindsay's designs are fresh and highly sought.  She continues to work one-on-one with specialists in the field and has built the West Coast Sea Glass metalsmith studio into a full service operation where she fills orders weekly.

Lindsay has been an outdoor lover all her life. She snowboards, rock climbs kayaks, camps and volunteers with children's and youth programs.

But one of her greatest joys is sea glass hunting. A true northwest girl, Lindsay and her dogs have hiked all over the beaches of the Pacific Ocean and it's inlets. Now, with two little boys in tow, the hiking is getting more and more rare.

Lindsay is a member of the North American Sea Glass Association and has volunteered her time behind the scenes helping the NASGA team with upcoming festivals.

Lindsay has traveled the world looking for sea glass. She went on the West Coast Sea Glass trip to Greece, and convinced her husband to go sea glass hunting while on their honeymoon in Italy.

Lindsay lives near Seattle where she works from her silversmith studio. She authored a book, Sea Glass Jewelry, which is available on Amazon. Lindsay always has a handful of special jewelry orders "in the wings" and continues to create new designs on a regular basis. Her favorite projects include wave or sea star designs.