Our Designs

Sea Glass Jewelry Designs, What Makes West Coast Sea Glass UniqueAt West Coast Sea Glass our mission is to bring the ocean to you through our creative, fresh and beachy jewelry designs.

We have a mantra we use to challenge our art; "I dare you to move..." A phrase we often say to ourselves while designing a piece. Why? It's simple to match a line, a form or a design you've seen before. What's really artistic is to dare yourself to move outside the box and create something novel, even at the risk of creating something others won't appreciate. Over our professional designing career, we have pushed the West Coast Sea Glass style into fresh new directions.

We handmake, forge, cut, burnish, and polish every one of our jewelry designs, and we exclusively use .999 fine silver or highest purity in all of our bezel work. Our designs come from over 40 years of jewelry creating, metal smithing and beading experience.

Our collection of sea glass is decades old and quite rare. We categorize the pieces according to color rarity, smoothness and location where it was beach combed. It's sorted & stored in baskets. Then, we hand-choose each piece that goes into our jewelry. 

Seaglass Jewelry Designs at West Cost Sea Glass, In The Studio

Every one of the West Coast Sea Glass pieces is hand picked by us and a couple friends from shores all over the globe. We use the highest quality sea glass in the world in our jewelry creations.

Proactively, we choose not to mass produce a few simple designs. Rather, we constantly refine our pieces, working from two professional, design studios.

Check out our newest designs at the juried, NW Art Alliance, Our Shows or via this website.