Our Volunteers


West Coast Sea Glass would not have experienced it's dramatic growth without the gracious help of our network of wonderful friends & experts.  Many thanks to the many, many creative "work party" ladies who've given us a big boost into the Spring season:

      • Karen: Office help
      • Melanie: Office help
      • Tina: Office help
      • Amy: Typing, typing, typing
      • Georgia: Jewelry assembly
      • Noah: Drilling
      • MB Blake: Jewelry assembly
      • Anna: Jewelry assembly
      • Susan: Party hostess
      • Teresa: Collecting
      • Renne: Web design

A Big Thank You to The Work "Party" Ladies6432_medium.jpg

Georgia, Maggie, Janie, Jessica C., Michelle, Andrea, Amanda, Michelle, Karen, Kerrie, Jerene, Terri, Jessica M., Gigi, Faleana, Shelley, Ruthie, Jennifer, Colleen, Pam, Trayce, Geneva, Anita, Diane, Gracie, Val, Stephanie, Erin, Emily, Catherine, Brenda, Kirby, Sabrina, Caitlin, Amy and Elise!